7 ways management software can improve your business

Technology is here to stay. Companies understand that it is impossible to grow without it. A digital transformation helps businesses to become more efficient, and increase competitiveness, by improving:

  • Access to information for intelligent decision making.
  • Communication and customer service.
  • Competitive position in the online market.

Imcorporating new technology puts a company’s innovation culture to the test, as well as its capacity to adapt to new consumer habits. Personalised technological developments that adjust to the needs of each company, can control important aspects such as staff shifts, or billing.

Here are seven technological solutions that will change the way you manage your business:



The endless data generated in the different devices in a company can be captured with IoT systems. Together with artificial intelligence technologies, and machine learning this data can provide innovative solutions, such as predicting customer behavior, defining efficient processes, adapting production in real time, offering predictive support, or making smart business decisions.


The data collected from a company is stored in an inhouse or cloud based data warehouse. This means the information is accessible from anywhere, enabling a company to issue invoices straight from their smartphone, create budgets etc. This simplifies the processing, availability, and security of information without major spending on physical infrastructure.



It is as important to analyse the current business processes of a company; as it is to translate these insights into plans of action that a team can put in place. Creating audits as well as personalized and accessible checklists from any device, will help a company to compare performance results and innovate so that any business strategies are aligned with technological changes.



Management software that controls employees can optimize the productivity of a workforce. It will enable a company to analyze work in real time, predict the needs of workers, and increase productivity.


Using artificial intelligence technologies it is possible to define optimal shifts, take into account employee feedback, and offer individualized treatment to satisfy each worker.



Knowing the level of customer satisfaction with a company can give important insights into whether a business is being managed correctly. 

CRM technologies help companies to achieve their strategic and commercial objectives, as well as anticipating and answering the needs of the current and potential market. CRM software gives you access to customers opinion in real time, detecting possibilities for improvement and loyalty, as well as enhancing the productivity and organization of all areas of business. This helps to personalise services and products, direct your message to a specific target audience through marketing campaigns.



With the increase of electronic commerce; a fast, simple and reliable online payment system is the best way to give customers confidence and ensure a successful sale. Implementing financial tools that are compatible with current business systems helps to controll costs, generate sale forecasts, and automate processes.


An ERP business management system optimizes activities and accelerates the growth of a company. Some of the benefits are the integration and standardization of processes, electronic invoicing solutions, the integration of operational information and the definition of the best business practices.



The online presence of a business is crucial, as it gives potential customers information about a service or product quickly and effortlessly. According to the Annual Ecommerce Study from IAB Spain, in 2018 71% of Spanish internet users bought online. This highlights the relevance of centralized management platforms,  apps, and connectivity and security systems. These technological developments move businesses from brick and mortar companies to online ecommerce, reducing the costs of personnel and establishment and optimizing distribution.


According to the same study, 45% of online buyers in Spain last year delegated this task to their mobile devices. Mobile appa are a way to be closer to customers, and accessible from anywhere at any time. They Improves competitive status and can generate automatic, direct and efficient notifications to customers.



Having a forecast of breakdowns and deterioration ensures a better level of service to customers as well as saving unexpected costs. New technologies facilitate the supervision of inventory, equipment and facilities. With an automated system scheduling maintenance and recording repairment costs is much easier.



In Teralco Group we help you throughout the complete process of digital transformation, to redefine business models, innovate, and optimize costs, time and decisions. We apply innovative solutions to traditional problems, opening new horizons in the era of digital transformation in business. For more information do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

Teralco Group

Author: Teralco Group

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