6 possible problems when choosing a technology provider

Choosing the right technology provider can be a significant competitive advantage for digital transformation, but there are times when projects do not go according to plan and they can turn into a nightmare. Here we give you 6 examples of possible problems – and solutions – when choosing a technology provider.



The provider does not offer a flexible solution:

An essential requirement for any technological development project is flexibility. Prefabricated solutions that are soon obsolete or that do not satisfy the exact needs of our company, nor offer differentiation from our competition, are not an intelligent investment.

It is essential to identify the long and short term requirements, to have a clear vision of the project and prepare responsibilities and expectations for the provider. The right supplier will try to understand the unique nature and expectations of the project before it is underway.

Our Solution

Our specialists in developing customized solutions take on the customer’s challenge and make it their own. We have our own development framework that allows us to undertake any project as required for your company.



The provider does not offer a price that is consistent with their services:

When we have to hire different suppliers for each technological project for our company, our technological investment may end up being higher than expected.

Outsourcing should optimize business and free up time for strategic actions. The rates of a technology company are a reflection of the skills, experience and quality of their work.

Our Solution

Our teams are made up of professional profiles and adapt to the needs of each company. We help you during the complete technological process, to redefine traditional business models, innovate, and optimize costs, times and decisions.



The provider does not maintain clear communication:

Ineffective communication is the main contributor to the failure of a technological project. During the process business goals can change and evolve, and if the objectives are not communicated while working with an external provider, the relationship will not be productive.

It is advisable to agree periodic follow-ups to review the work and be clear about the concept of technological development. The scope of the project must be specified including: the technical requirements, execution deadlines. payment, quality guarantees, and subsequent maintenance.

Our Solution

At Teralco Group we ensure regular communication and continuous monitoring of any changes to reduce risks and guarantee the execution of a fast, reliable and safe technological development.



The provider doesn’t have experience in your sector:

There are some technological solutions that are applicable to practically any industry, but the fact remains that we will always get more value from our ICT implementation if we rely on suppliers that have experience implementing technological solutions for our sector.

A service provider that not only understands your sector, but is also completely aligned with your business objectives and culture, is the best option.

Our Solution

Having experience in many sectors, gives us a greater knowledge of potential barriers or common mistakes in the development of a project or aspects that must be personalized for the greatest client satisfaction. We provide technology, experience and knowledge to technological development to turn your projects into reality.



The provider does not support your team during the technological change:

When we initiate a technological development, our company is probably about to adopt many administration and organizational changes, and many questions may arise, how will the new technology interact with current systems? What software will we need to start working? What new responsibilities will my employees have?

Preparing your team and communicating potential benefits of the project to your staff, will help you to avoid possible resistance to the process and gain more efficiency along the way.

Our Solution

We understand that in a digital transformation decisions are as strategic as they are technological, therefore the first step should be a review of your existing business processes so that any technological changes are aligned with your objectives. We discuss, unify and integrate everyone in your company to facilitate comprehensive business insights, without technical and/ or technological barriers.


The provider does not convey trust:

There can sometimes be misunderstandings or mistrust between a technology provider and a company. It is often easy to neglect the importance of trust in the provider, when efforts are focused on the technological execution of the project. But a great relationship will do much more to ensure the success of a development than the most scrupulous contract.

Closeness, trust and respect will give the team additional motivation. It is essential to find the right balance and a responsible attitude towards work.

Our Solution

In Teralco Group, internal and external proximity is one of our main values. To reinforce this relationship of trust, we dedicate more than 40% of our technological resources to the control and automation of quality processes; and we have a multidisciplinary team with a high methodological component based on CMMI good practices and agile methodologies (SCRUM) for development.


In short, although there will always be obstacles and difficulties in the development of a technological project, as in any other business, the benefits outweigh the risks if we have a strategy and a roadmap for success.

Choosing the right technology provider can guarantee faster, cheaper and easier development. For more information about the services and products offered by Teralco Group, and what digital transformation is for companies do not hesitate to contact us by filling out our contact form. We would love to hear from you.

Teralco Group

Author: Teralco Group

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